2019 Hong Kong Electronic Exhibition

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2019 Hong Kong Electronic Exhibition 
A newly released product to cool your Summer!
Golden right has participated in Hong Kong Electronic Exhibition with the 2019 newly released, innovative product- Arctic Neck Cooler!
At this magnificent exhibition that has gathered 2,900 exhibitors from 20 countries, they made people curious by a single question,” Do you think this is a headphone?”
Golden right thinks out of the box! They combined the cooling with the headphone appearance, sense with function.
Headphone is no longer just a headphone, the fan is not only for cooling either.
Think beyond in this new generation!
They developed a product with the fan and the speaker, you can just hang it around your neck and free your hand. You can enjoy the Summer and the fabulous surround music at the same time! Let’s experience this refreshment with a feast for the ears!
During the four-day exhibition, the product has strike a chord by numerous of exhibitors and buyers. Let’s fix our attention on this incredibly new age product!

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