Physical examination artifact - only ruler

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             Focus on body fats and muscles
             From long legs to vest line
             24 parts of body fat told you by only a ruler
             From the power of the hand to the chicken, I am Schwarzenegger.
             Record changes in vitality of 24 human muscle groups
             What can we measure?
              Fitness weight loss is good, body fat rate has the final say
              How about the effect of muscle training, measuring muscle vitality
              Fully understand the fat and muscle data of various parts of the body and adjust the fitness plan in time
              Principle of measurement
              Biomedical team's many years of results transformation
              Independent research and development of segmented deep reactance analysis technology
              Accurately measure every muscle
              Product specifications: 105 X 60 X 20mm
              Product weight: about 110g
              Charging voltage: 5V2A

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